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July 9, 2010 / Tiffany S. Bert

5 Quick Children’s Book Reviews 5/29/10

  • Lizard’s Guest, George Shannon
  • Recommended?: No
  • Rating: 1/5

Lizard’s Guest is not a very good children’s book. The main character is Lizard who while happily dancing accidentally steps on Skunk’s foot. Skunk over exaggerates the pain and coerces Lizard to taking care of him repeatedly since Lizard felt bad for stepping on his foot. When Lizard comes back from gathering the items that Skunk demanded he catches Skunk dancing on the rock, but Skunk lies and acts like he was only trying to stand and couldn’t. Three times situations like this happen, and on one Skunk even goes as far to threaten Lizard (by putting his tail up as if he was going to spray him). Finally Lizard goes and doesn’t come back, and Skunk grows tired of waiting and slowly walks calling for Lizard repeatedly. Finally when he starts running and finds Lizard he finds out Lizard did whatever it takes to get Skunk going again, and then they throw a party for Skunk.

My main issues with this story is that it is a story about someone faking (lying) about how hurt they were, then taking clear advantage of the person who is trying to help (and lying again and again to them). As if that’s not bad enough, at the end the lier gets rewarded by having a party thrown for him.

That sends a message to kids that its ok to take advantage of someone else or to lie about how hurt you are. Two messages that aren’t good for a children’s book.

  • I Can Save the Ocean! The Little Green Monster Cleans Up the Beach, Alison Inches
  • Recommended?: Yes
  • Rating: 5/5

This is a good book that deals alot with how everyday actions (littering for example) at the beach or at home can affect the ocean and the animals that live there. The pictures are great and the story is written well.

  • Itty Bitty, Cece Bell
  • Recommended?: Yes
  • Rating: 3/5

Itty Bitty is a cute, very short story about a very tiny dog who makes a home in an empty bone and goes shopping for small items to fill his house and make it homey. While it is a very short book, it is also a charming one.

  • A Fish Out of Water, Helen Palmer
  • Recommended?: Yes
  • Rating: 2.5/5

This book doesn’t rhyme as much as one might expect, but it is still a decent story filled with a fun adventure for any fish loving kids out there.

  • When a Monster is Born, Sean Taylor
  • Recommended?: Yes
  • Rating: 3.5/5

The story continuously gives two scenarios for one situation, and if one situation is chosen, then that’s that. But if the other is chosen then two new situations come up. Its filled with funny scenarios and silly outcomes that are sure to make kids laugh.


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